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Go BIG or be boring...

From 3 feet by 3 feet to 30 feet by 50 feet … size matters. Save Us From Boring offers a curated selection of fresh and exciting imagery to transform entire walls in your home / office / retail environment into a fully immersive and magical experience, to infinity and beyond.

SAY NO! to boring white walls!

We showcase painters, photographers, experimentalists – some established, some simply producing work too good not to share with the world. Online orders arrive at your door by FEDEX within 10-15 days. Installation – Easy and clean and you don’t need Solvents or Paints.

A Painting Alternative

Forgo paint and solvent fumes and messy clean up. Our vinyl Adhesive panels are easy to manage and install. No buckets of paint to deal with, your decorating time is reduced significantly. Our Panels are durable and can be removed and reused without any damage to your painted wall surface. Decorate your environment with something really special and unique.

Our Collection

We continue to grow our collection of artists from various corners of the world, so do come back often. Our digital library consists of crisp High Resolution Digital Files that produce colorful and clear reproductions at sizes up to 50×50 Feet / 2500 sq.ft.. Our experienced printing team can produce virtually any size to suit your decor requirements.

Wall Coverings

Apply within minutes

Our wall covering products are printed on 3M Thick Vinyl Substrate that can be applied to your wall with no need for solvents, glues, or paint! Best part is that this material can be easily removed, saved and reused. Just like hanging wall paper, minus the trays, water and mess. Clean up? there is none.

Skip the hassels

Our wallcoverings are Peel and Stick. They go up in minutes and simply peel off when you move or want to change your environment. You don’t have to be a pro. You can easily re-position your vinyl if you don’t get it perfect the first time. But we provide instructions on how to install.

Easy to afford

Our wall covering products start at $54.99. When you add up all of the accessories you need to paint a room, our wall coverings can be a cost effective way to redecorate. Completely transform a room and don’t break the budget. THE BEST alternative to paint.

Original art

Time for a refresh on your home or office decor? We have the solution.  Original Art to cover your entire wall and create truly unique environments.  Transform any room in your home, office or business without waiting for paint to dry.  Its 2018, This is the new way to decorate!


















Floor Coverings

Floor Covering - Summer 2016

Our floor covering products are self-adhesive. Peel the backing, position and press into place. Strips are delivered in easy to manage 3 feet wide panels that have an additional scuff guard of a 0.004mm UV coating to protect your floors from wear and tear.

Stick On, Peel Off

Just like our amazing wall covering products our floor coverings install easily in only a few hours. Floor coverings simply peel off when you want to change your decor. An easy and cost effective way to transform your surfaces in your home, office, or retail space.

Retail Programs Available

Customized floor coverings create a FULLY immersive visitor experience. Contact us today to discuss creative and installation services provided IN-House at Save Us From Boring.

Easy to Install

As with our Wall Covering Product – You don’t have to be a pro to get amazing results. You can take off and re-position your paper many times during the install – ensuring getting things perfect. Floor coverings will be available in June 2016.