Activation / Events


Activation Consultation

Have an event that needs a design boost? WE have the knowledge and experience to assist you with your planning and budgeting. Our expertise is second to none. WE specialize in a broad spectrum of  events including Weddings, Movie Launches, Album Releases to name a few . Contact us today to learn more about our extensive list of covering products.

Event Consultation

Every event is unique and deserves a personal touch. Save Us From Boring provides a full service design consultation with every project – ALL part of our Activation Services. Not sure what artwork to use for your event, we can help. Our designers are well versed in our products and have extensive experience in both wall and floor applications.

Site Visits

Don’t break a sweat, we come to your site prepared with everything we need to ensure the final product will provide that WOW factor. Site visits allow us to plan our approach and make all the necessary measurements of your space. Site visits also allow us to plan for any logistical issues that may pop up – we don’t like surprises, so we take this part of the job pretty seriously. Contact us today to plan your perfect event.

Custom Design Work

Can’t find suitable work in our ever expanding gallery, we can take most suitable images and turn them into stunning full sized murals –  50×50 feet, and beyond – no size restrictions. We can assess your digital files and advise on the best options to ensure that the final product meets your full expectation. A digital proof is included with every project allowing you to verify the quality of your final product before installation.

Wall Coverings

Yes! We Install for you

As always, our wall covering products are printed on 3M Thick Vinyl Substrate using water soluble inks that have virtually no smell and can be applied to your wall with no need for solvents, glues, or paint! Installs can be completed in less than 1/2 day and can be removed easily with zero residue allowing you to leave your space exactly as you found it.

Yes! You can reuse

Our wall coverings are Peel and Stick. They go up in minutes and simply peel off – saving you money and time. The 3M vinyl substrate uses adhesives that allow reused and leave zero residue, leaving your walls exactly as you found them. Ask us about solutions that can easily be deployed for your event or activation.

Easy to Afford and Fast

Our wall covering products start at $54.99. Installation is effortless and can be completed within the limited timespan of most event set-ups. There is no drying time and no clean up making most spaces ideally suited for our products.  Transform a room or event space while staying on budget.

Original Artwork

Time for a refresh on your office decor? We have the solution.  Original high resolution artwork to cover your entire wall and create truly unique environments.  Transform any room in your office or business without waiting for paint to dry.  Its 2018, This is the new way to decorate!


















Floor and Window Coverings - Yes, we do that too!

Floor / Window Covering

Our floor covering products are self-adhesive. Peel the backing, position and press into place. Our floor covering products have an additional scuff guard of a 0.4mm UV coating to protect your designs from wear and tear due to regular traffic. Don’t like the style of floor at your event space – COVER THAT UP – with something new and fresh.

Window Covering

We have an extensive list of window covering options suited a wide range of application. From fully transparent substrates that allow light through to our Invisiview® products that cuts 50% of available light. Each one is suited to a specific application. As with all of our Wall and Floor covering products, Save Us From Boring provides full consultation services to help you navigate your wide range of design options.

Easy to Install / Remove

As with all of our Covering Product – Floor and Window installations can be completed within a short timeframe and are ideally suited for activations. Products can be installed with virtually no clean up and removed with ease. Unlike our wall coverings, floor and window coverings are generally reserved for single use due to the nature of the materials. Static films are available for multi-use – Contact us today to learn what can work best for your event.

Retail Programs Available

Customized floor coverings create a FULLY immersive visitor experience. Contact us today to discuss creative and installation services provided IN-House at Save Us From Boring. Retail programs can be one off events or scheduled installations changing every 30 days. You tell us what you need.