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Save Us From Boring is an alternative to covering your wall with the wallpaper your grandparents used. Or how about the FLAT 1 dimensional world of a White wall.

We offer more – over 40 Artists from around the world, carefully selected for a new approach to home decor. From 3×3 Feet to 40×40 Feet – your custom selected and cropped image arrives at your door, ready to install with minimal tools and no mess.

Save Us From Boring Murals arrive in TUBES in 36″ Wide Strips that are easy to manage and hang. Each strip has an adhesive backing that can be applied and removed with no residue – just position, remove the paper backing and apply to your wall.

This video has nothing to do w/ wall coverings, its just a catchy tune.

Stay Tuned for HOW TO Video.

Sadly, this will happen from time to time as you go through the purchase process. If you have visited the site before, and cropped an image > and proceeded to the checkout – you will need to clear your cache to resume normal use.

CLICK On the image you want to re-crop from the gallery
You will be directed to the CART page > Click on the small “x” on the Right side of the page to remove this order.
Next > Click on Gallery
You will be returned the the artists page, you may now re-crop your image.
and proceed to check out.

Still having problems, be sure to use the latest browser when visiting www.saveusfromboring.com. WE also recommend you make your purchases from a desktop machine till we fine tune the mobile experience.

You may notice that once you crop your image, the quality of the sample may be a bit pixilated. Not to worry. For the purposes of this website and security, you are cropping a smaller version of a massive digital file. We have a high resolution version of this same image on file, and use this as our master file for printing. Same goes for the  images you are seeing online. To ensure we protect our ARTISTS we display a lower resolution image for Gallery Usage. Image Files used in our production / printing facility are calibrated for maximum crispness in conjunction with manufacturers guidelines.

Still not sure?
At Save Us From Boring, we strive to deliver quality imagery for the most discriminating user. You will notice fine detail and high quality colours on ALL or printed products. WE only use Water Based solvents, our products are printed at our facilities in the US and Canada. Our substrates are made by 3M in their facilities in the US.

Once your order is placed, it is sent directly to our production facility. Because all SUFB Print orders are custom made to your specifications, it is not possible to make any changes if the production process has already begun. Send us a note within 24 hours of your order and we will try to make it right – cr@saveusfromboring.com – the sooner you contact us the better chance we will have of making changes. We strongly encourage you to double check your order before you submit it.

If you wish to add to an existing order, we unfortunately do not combine orders for shipping.
You will have to place a separate order.

If you want to to order more than 5 ITEMS – reach out to one of our production co-ordinators for personalized care. When possible, we will try our best to bundle multiple orders.

Otherwise shipping is free to anywhere in the Continental United States* and All of Canada**.

* Excluding – Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico – the usual…
** Excluding NWT. and the Yukon for now…Sorry

We use FedEx for all Domestic and US Shipments. Each purchase, we will be issued a Shipping Confirmation once your PRINT has shipped from our facilities. Using the FedEx tracking number located in your Shipping Confirmation will allow you to track your Save Us From Boring Prints – to your door. Go to fedex.com  to track your order.

If for any reason you are unhappy with you purchase, we will work with you to ensure that you are 100% satisfied. If you still decide to return your order, you may return it within 14 days of receipt for a full refund or replacement on the price of the item. Shipping & Handling charges are not refundable.
At saveusfromboring.com our goal is to ensure your satisfaction with every product you receive. All products are made with the most appropriate materials using the latest in digital printing technology and our production people will utilize their decades of experience and expertise to customize your order the way you like it. Your order is inspected thoroughly prior to packaging and shipping to ensure that it leaves our facilities in the best of conditions.

We are Proud to offer Stripe Pay

With Stipe you may pay with ALL Major Credit Cards Including :

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All our prices are in currently in CANADIAN dollars.


We are trying to keep this as simple as possible for you. But you will need a few things to make this install go smoothly.

  1. Dry Cloth – To wipe down your wall before application
  2. Masking Tape – To help position your mural
  3. Squeegee – To apply your mural and ensure even application
  4. A Utility Knife – To cut off access trim


We will include instructions with your order – as well as a link to our instructional video when we send out your confirmation. Save Us From Boring Murals are easy to install, take about 1 hour for a 10×10 wall, and there are no brushes, solvents or clean up to deal with. What could be easier?

Account Management

Yes! All your images are safely secured on our private server in our facility. We have the best technicians safeguarding all of our data 24 hours a day.

We never display your high resolution images on our site; SUFB automatically creates a low resolution thumbnail for display in your gallery.

The terms of service are outlined on our website – please visit the Terms of Service Pagefor more information

All data provided to SUFB through its artist`s and customers will at no time be shared, sold, re-distributed to any third party. It will be securely kept under SUFB’s security program. We strongly encourage you to review our Privacy Policy Page in more detail.

SUFB will only knowingly provide use to parties that can lawfully enter into and form contracts under applicable law. If you are under the age of 18, but at least 16 years of age, you may use SUFB only under the supervision of a parent or legal guardian who agrees to be bound by these Terms.

SUFB is not intended for children under the age of 16. If your Content is uploaded as a design for products available to other users on this Site, you grant the additional rights set forth in the suveusfromboring.com “Non-Exclusive License Agreement” that is incorporated by this reference.


We are community based website that allows artists / designers / photographers – to showcase their talent and earn money, while keeping the copyrights to all their images. We pay you when people buy your designers through one of our various products. It costs you nothing beyond your time and creativity. We focus on manufacturing, shipping, and customer service, freeing you to create new and amazing artwork.

Simple, send us a link to your online portfolio of work that you would like to feature. The work must be ORIGINAL content, to ensure we do not violate any copyright. We will have a look and make some selections. All work needs to be submitted at Minimum 6000 to 8000 pixels wide at 300 dpi.

This will ensure that we can print the maximum size we offer of 40′ x 40′ – in some cases customer orders may require larger print sizes – so the bigger your files, the larger wall mural we can print while ensuring a high standard of quality.

We except a wide variety of formats. But prefer to work with the majors – as this will expedite the processing time for your images.


The single most important consideration is the resolution of your image file. Ideally we’d like to work with images that are 8000 pixels wide @ 300 dpi at a minimum. However we can work with images that are as low as 3000 pixels x 3000 pixels @ 3000 dpi.

The larger your images – the larger we can print, while ensuring premium quality production for our audience.

To be frank, if we can imagine it looking good on a wall, we will take a look.  KEEP in mind that we ultimately will need digital files.  But we do love it all – Photography, Painting, Digital Design – just to name a few.  As long as it is original, your work may be considered for the Save Us From Boring website.