Andreas Schrader



DOB : 1990
Country : Germany
Computer : Windows 7 Desktop
Camera : I Have a Web Cam

Q : How have you gravitated toward visual art?

A : Since i can remember i always loved drawing. When i got my first pc i was stunned by the possibilities of working digital. It was so much faster and more forgiving. At first i made digital paintings. Then, because i liked videogames pretty much, I started studying because i wanted to make my own games. So my interests shifted and I started to use the skills i aquired by scripting generative levels in my spare time to make generative art.

Q : What is your favourite Medium to work in?

A : Digital pictures. When you work digital you have the possibility to easily correct things. It takes off so much frustrations from the necessary learning processes.

Q : Whats your least favourite color?

A : Perhaps ultramarin blue because it is sometimes hard to use correctly on digital devices. But there is no color i dislike, there are just colors wich have to be used carefully.

Q : Educated or Self-Taught?

A : I am currently making my master degree in Multimedia Design at Burg Giebichenstein University in Halle/Germany. Though these works are not connected to this study, I learned all the fundamental skills like composition, color theory and the core principles of programming there.

Q : What is your hope for your work?

A : I hope that it makes peoples feel good. Art is something that comes from the inside of the artist. I make art to find my joy in the process and the outcome and I am glad when people can connect with something wich are essentially my mood and feelings, expressed by whatever tools I have at hand.

My Work